Banks and loan servicers continue to resist modifying mortgages for struggling borrowers. And despite President Obama’s announcement today of new debt-relief measures for homeowners, government efforts to slow the foreclosure tide rebuilding your life after addiction have largely failed. In La Puente, Calif., for instance, Rose Gudiel recently backed down OneWest Bank and Fannie Mae after the companies refused to lower the mortgage payments on her family’s home and moved to foreclose.

I have asked one therapist to ask colleagues in this area if any of them are experienced with this, and she came up with nothing. I was married for 27 years to a narcissist and am at last free and in recovery.

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My clients educated me about the aftermath of what it is to heal from narcissistic abuse. Sometimes foreclosure becomes the only option available to you. When this occurs, the lender retakes control of your home, and you get evicted.

Its now been done cos I’m now not part of his life anymore. I feel used, cheated and insignificant. Was I that bad a wife that to be a family man and proper father I had to disappear? I didn’t drink smoke go out sleep around never said no to sex looked after the home our kids 24/7 our finances but when I opened my mouth for anything I was shouted at.


There are several areas of your life that you begin to reassess once you find some stability in your recovery. Your finances will likely be one of them.

  • I watched him while not knowing anything about how he really was.
  • And I’ve been trying to recover from it all.
  • I’ll never use them”….I knew that he didnt have any condoms in his apartment because I had asked him the first time we slept together and he said no….He flat out lied to me.
  • He is a master at mind the online narcissistic games they play ,i saw recently .he is proficcient at all of them.
  • I would love to hear if anyone has had an experience of this type of abuse from a sibling?

I still see signs of him needing to mature on another level. At times, he can be emotionally unavailable. He makes excuses, that will make no sense to me, in order to make himself look good. I don’t know how much longer I can keep up with trying to make it work with him. We have so much history, but maybe that’s all it is when it comes to us being in a relationship, History! Maybe we should leave it alone and stop trying because this is exhausting.

Trustee Alleges That Debtor Sold Its Most Valuable Asset In The Middle Of Its Bankruptcy Case

We now have 2 teenage daughters and I do not want them thinking this is the way a loving a relationship is, how a husband loves his wife, a father treats his children or takes care of his household. I have made mistakes of my own and now they are held over my head constantly. I dream of leaving and being in a healthy relationship, which I had long ago given up on, but now I believe is possible and I am deserving. It’s a shame because it’s something they’ve had since they were children. It’s a defense mechanism put in place to protect themselves from harm that has already occured. Deep down, whether it be BPD or NPD or whatever, they are broken and wounded. I knew this in my relationship and if you are like me, you probably have a lot of empathy and compassion which is why you tried to do everything you could to make her happy.

  • The whole cycle of losing, regaining, and then re-losing trust in my demeaning Jekyll/Hyde spouse was extremely confusing and traumatising.
  • It was like I was addicted to the pain.
  • I even went to counseling and they never saw it which made me feel even more isolated and confused.
  • But, you also know all yoru own faults, and, he probably pointed them out to you endlessly, so that you would feel like you deserved his behavior.
  • I didn’t and I have really suffered and now am having to try to find a new lawyer with pretial on Feb. 5!
  • Finances, jobs, and bills can all be situations that can push someone back into an addiction.

Having somebody in her life was more important, even if it was a person who hurt us. My real father had left her for another woman when I was a baby, so she was bitter about that for a long time .