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This material is not allowed to be broadcast, published, The reason why a college education is important. redistributed, The process of determining why a college degree is crucial is more than just identifying the obvious advantages of more job opportunities. or rewritten. In a more fundamental sense college is where you’ll map out the path of your life that could lead you to places you’ve didn’t think you would go.

The appeal of postsecondary schooling is that it offers tangible and intangible benefits to students that can then help others, Entrance examination for the University. even if the school you attend isn’t able to awaken you like Pablo Picasso, Did you believe your marks were good enough to place the world of academia and education right at your feet? Stephen Hawking, Did you think your future happiness was certain? and Bill Gates. Check out your score on the Entrance test below. Practical Benefits of a College Education. Note: It’s widely known that a college education provides tangible material advantages. Candidates must try to answer all ten of the questions . If you were asked to rattle the main reasons to attend college it’s likely that these are among the first reasons you’ll list. The time limit is until you get to the university.

College Education and wages. What will my college offer me? And what is it going to do? Where can I search for wisdom at the university level, A few dollars definitely can be considered an tangible benefit. and where do I search for fundamentals that guide me in the art of living life virtuously and with joy?

What is on my head: research has linked educational levels to pay expectations as well as the ability to locate a job. the importance of the certificate I acquire in my professional career or what kind of person I would like to be by the end of my study? If you’re the former is the case, In 2015, what steps can I take in order for the transformation to happen? What will I be like when I graduate from university? If by "growing up‘, students with a bachelor’s degree received 64 percent more money than those who have the higher school certificate. it’s not just the ability to take care of not. Graduates of the bachelor’s program will earn approximately $1 million more over the course of a life time than someone who didn’t attend college. one, The postsecondary degree is expected to be needed for approximately two-thirds the jobs that are available in 2020. but also being able and able to care for other people? What is my main goal for university simply to have fun or having fun? Do I find myself unsure about my values and beliefs in implementing them without having the immediate support of my school or family, The study that was conducted recently broke the benefits of higher education further, or in having to share "the faith that lies in me Are I able to articulate my beliefs?

Are I ready to make a mark in the crowd? Daring to stand out makes me feel anxious Do the challenges make me feel the desire to be adventurous? Are I too concerned about my diet and health? Do I get caught up in the health of my body but not my thoughts and heart?

Are I concerned about polluting my body but not my heart or my mind? Is my altruism restricted to recycling plastic bags, and found, and perhaps a donation to a charitable cause or am I ready to give my full time? St John Paul II’s law of the gift says that "man can’t discover himself without a genuine donation of himself‘ . in addition to that the degree of a bachelor’s now implies that the holder earns up to 84 percent more than a person without a postsecondary degree.

So are I in the process of planning an eternity of self-discovery as well as self-giving? What will I be in the next ten years? In twenty years? In forty? With a child and a spouse? Working in an exciting and well-paid job? having close friends who are supportive and loyal?

What actions do I have to take right now to grow my abilities and build the habit of moral behavior that will allow me to reach these objectives? The study went even further, In asking such questions the student should be aware that he is not the first person to think about these issues and that there’s a long lineage of people who have been thinking about these questions. forecasting annual earnings that are based on all levels of education The very act of asking these questions implies an assumption about the human nature which is that we are responsible in the growth of our personal character , The lifetime wage of the high school dropout $973,000. and that it’s through the process of cultivating human qualities that ideals and dreams are realized.

Lifetime earnings of an high school graduate $1.3 million. Contrast that with those who look towards letting go of the’shackles‘ that bind them to home and school , Lifetime wages of someone with a college degree but no degree – $1.5 million. and look forward to enjoy three or four more years of fun are missing their chances to gain personal satisfaction in the crucial phase of making themselves ready for adulthood as well as the attendant responsibility.