Customer roboforex com review can move the narrative on without you sounding like a broken record. You can actually use social media for discovering those pain points by monitoring hashtags and topical discussion threads. Armed with the knowledge of what really grinds your customers’ gears, you can tailor your testimonial content to speak directly to those concerns. Even on your Facebook business page or LinkedIn profile, where explicit promotion is tolerated, it’s better to showcase testimonials. After all, customers share their story of how your product helped them solve a problem.

Sprout Social has a list of tweets from customers who love using their service. Because they are direct embeds from Twitter, they feel extremely credible. Margot is a content marketing specialist at WordStream and nutrition graduate student at Framingham State. She loves all things digital, learning about nutrition, running, traveling, and cooking. Did you know that Squarespace powers millions of websites across hundreds of industries? Well, if you head over their customer testimonial page you can get all the details and more. With this data, you can then reach out to your “promoters” and ask them to write a testimonial that reiterates those positive feelings.

Include these elements in a testimonial

And, since we feel like we know Amy through her page, we’re more likely to trust her testimonial. Slack uses individual to highlight key product features and how the customer used them — a genius way to give a product tour while also letting happy customers sing your praises. In addition, each review features a quote that summarizes how Slack helped the customer’s business. From each blurb, visitors can click to learn more about the specifics of that customer case study to get even more insights. All the better, if there are relevant images or demo videos you can share alongside these specifically aligned testimonials.

  • AltexSoft team did a great job developing a recommender engine for search pages.
  • To make audio testimonials, you don’t need an entire production crew and tons of expensive equipment.
  • I’m proud of what you’ve created and I sincerely thank you.
  • If the testimonial includes a target keyphrase, it can increase the relevance of that page for that phrase.
  • Pictures of faces are super powerful in marketing and a key tactic in neuromarketing web design.

A customer testimonial is an endorsement from a satisfied customer that vouches for the value of a product or service. A great testimonial should increase the trustworthiness of a brand and its products and attract new customers. When combined with good copywriting, sharp salesmanship, and targeted marketing, customer can help buyers overcome objections, boost online sales, and turn customers into brand ambassadors.

Put testimonials somewhere relevant.

The very best robo forex review should also take pride of place on your homepage and About-Us page, ready to catch the eyes of all your potential customers right from the offset. No matter how compelling your copy, how well-edited your photos, or how glamourous your videos might be, all other marketing pales into insignificance compared to testimonials and reviews. Visitors can also click on andthe reviews page to read in-depth product reviews from real customers from the results page. Otherwise, it’ll sound like you wrote them, even though you didn’t. Dribbble’s testimonial page is filled with bright, happy colors and highlighted quotes. What we love about this page is how honest and straightforward the user reviews are. Marucci features a quote with a hero image and a CTA on their homepage.


Boast helps you provide customers with an amazing user experience so they’re more likely to take action. Use color headshots and team photos to show page visitors who your customers really are, and consider incorporating video interviews alongside the text of your Forex brokers. People may not read your pages word-by-word, they probably skim them—and pull quotes stand out. Carefully choose quotes that combat potential objections and highlight the results of your product. If you’re selling a product online, such as a set of headphones, you can probably ask customers for feedback a week after delivery.

A good testimonial is authentic

I would recommend creating a new page for ‘testimonials’ this is because some of this content might not add instances of keywords and locations we are targeting. I learned a lot from your concise and helpful descriptions and examples of that were not discussed on other sites. The links to other descriptive key phrases I will use to enhance my website. I also appreciate your creative presentations which added to the description. Every tip in this post so far is about increasing conversion rates. But this little bonus tip can increase your traffic as well. If the testimonial includes a target keyphrase, it can increase the relevance of that page for that phrase.

following up for a written testimonial

Hootsuite, a social media management platform, has another great example of a customer testimonial page that really demonstrates how their product can work for anybody. This is one of the most cost-effective methods for collecting unbiased customer You can create a hashtag and easily start promoting it on your Instagram account without needing to pay a single dime. Even if users don’t write a lengthy caption singing praises to your product, a picture will more than say enough. The quality of the product and the user’s emotion in the picture will show that your product works. Choose reviews from customers who can highlight specific use cases for your product or service so readers can envision their own specific use cases that your brand could help with.

Ahrefs Customer Quotes

Put with keyphrases on pages that are optimized for that phrase. Unsurprising, this typically means putting your best testimonials on your home page. Here’s an example of how a testimonial can be placed in context, next to the service it mentions. Here is what the Analytics typically looks like on a testimonials page. You can see that there are 30 pages on this website visited more often than this page. Testimonials are great, but there are other kinds of evidence we can add to our websites. This email needs to be short, considerate and easy to respond to, whether they respond with a no or a yes.

We know all of this because we faced the exact same logistical hurdles with making our own high-quality client video, which we cover in detail in our founding story. Bizzabo is a company that provides tools to help professional event planning and execution, and their customers are very happy folks! The thing I love about their customer testimonial page is that it provides a variety of content formats. As we all know, it’s easy for marketers to brag about how great their product or service is. Writing compelling copy, shooting enticing photos, or even producing glamorous videos are all tactics we use to draw attention to our brands. Showing them what other happy customers said about the product they bought. Help inspire better quality testimonials by showcasing some contextual examples.

If a visitor is interested, they can read more about Lindor’s story before deciding whether to buy from the brand. RokuTV’s testimonial video focuses on several customers who love to use their product. It’s simple storytelling at its best and emphasizes the ease of use. Customer interviews are a more flexible approach to because they can be portrayed over various mediums. For example, they can be recorded and posted as a video or audio piece, or they can be transcribed to a written interview that’s posted on your company’s website and blog. Companies often will choose one or a few of these methods to optimize the testimonial’s reach. Videos are also rapidly shared and have the potential to go viral if the content is compelling enough.